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             Which Muscala Are You Trying To Reach?

Mike Muscala is a member of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers (traded from the Atlanta Hawks July 2018). He will reside in Philly during the regular season and at his home in Southern Minnesota in the off-season (as much as possible). You can reach Mike via e-mail by writing [email protected]

Bob Muscala is Mike's father. He is semi-retired but still operates a private practice in St. Louis Park, MN as a Registered Nurse specializing in Chemical Health. He has two twitter accounts @ChemicalHealth and @MuskieBobber - and you can reach him easily via e-mail [email protected]

Jim Muscala  is Mike's uncle.  He is retired from a nearly 35 year career in service and engineering management at Accraply, Inc.  He had a heart transplant in 2014 and continues to make progress in his recovery.  He is an avid fisherman in the waters of Minnesota/Canada. You can reach him via e-mail at [email protected]

Jason Muscala is the cousin of Mike. He has an exceptional family of his own and is employed by U.S. Bank as a Financial Analyst. You can reach him vi e-mail [email protected]